Complimentary Training

Friday, November 20th

12:00PM EST

Introduction to Podcasting

In this complimentary webinar, we will go over the first 7 steps of planning & creating a podcast. These include how to choose the type of podcast you want, the hosting platform, equipment needed, and creating your intro/outro. You will also learn how to be a great podcast host! If you are a virtual assistant or looking to make extra money, you will want to join in on this training as well!

If you have ever been curious about what a podcast is or if you should start one yourself, or assist your client with a podcast, you will want to attend this training! The more you learn, the more you earn!

As a Speaker, Coach, Author, Realtor, or Business Professional, hosting your own podcast is a fantastic supplement to your business. Having your own podcast show will make you stand out from your competition and another way to showcase your expertise!

You will receive a free gift just for registering, 5 Ways to Market Your Podcast!

Testimonials from previous "Introduction to Podcasting" trainings:

"Colleen provided a free 90 minute webinar on Podcast Assistant/Editor Training today that was very enlightening for me, especially that I’m not great at technical computer lingo and details. Colleen’s webinar was a great overview taking an MP3 from beginning to end. Thanks Colleen!" - Rozanne Ritter, Florida

"I found it (the webinar training) really helpful! There was great info on the layers that you need to do which I haven't given any thought to so I got a lot out of it. Thanks Colleen!" -Di Kersey, Australia

"The training was invaluable. Really opened my eyes to the world of podcasting! Awesome job Colleen! Thanks so much!" -Monique D. Tyler, Michigan

I want to say thank you to Colleen Kavanaugh for providing me & 2 of my teammates a wonderful presentation on how to start a podcast! Reach out to her, she is great! -Ricardo Stallings Jr., Ilinois

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During This Free Training, You’ll Learn:

Learn what type of podcast, how long, platforms to choose from, pre-launch for your podcast.

Learn the first 7 steps of creating & setting up your podcast episodes, equipment & software needed, and producing your podcast intro/outro.

Learn how to be a great podcast host, podcast assistant, and how to prepare podcast guests.


Colleen Kavanaugh

Colleen Kavanaugh, Your Gig Girl, is a Speaker/Trainer, Transition Strategist, & Podcaster. Her background also includes working as an Emcee and Voiceover Artist, as well as helped many clients find their "voice of influence."

She has learned how to cultivate her voice of influence on stage as Sports Host for ESPN Wide World of Sports, Game Show Host for Nickelodeon Suites, & Assistant Cruise Director, just to name a few.

You may have heard Colleen's voice as she produced voice-overs for commercials for CTN (Christian Television Network), promotional videos, podcast intros/outros/commercials, independent films, and other projects.

Colleen is the host of the podcast, "Cultivate Your Success Podcast" found on all major podcast platforms such as iTunes, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and iHeartRadio. Her podcast was just recently nominated for Creative Loafing's "Best of the Bay" for "Best Podcast."

Colleen has a passion for education, teaching/training, especially in the topics of mindset & commanding an audience and she enjoys helping others realize their greatest potential!

Colleen has also hosted and trained at numerous workshops, classes, and business conferences. She is the author of several Personal Development Training Programs, including: “Your Voice of Influence, 5 Essential Tactics to Persuade your Listener” and “The Power of 40, the 40 minutes a Day, 40 Day Challenge.”

Connect with Colleen as "Your Gig Girl" or Colleen Kavanaugh on all Social Media platforms.

Friday, November 20th, 2020 // 12:00pm EST

Show me how to start a Podcast or Assist a Podcaster!

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